HonkyTonk Summer

After finishing some vocal recording on the new Favourite Hippies album I'm getting ready for the Doug Seegers tour. We've been rehearsing with the band for a couple of days and tomorrow we're heading for Uddeholm. The day after we play with the Willy Clay Band in Manndalen Norway.

Gigs coming up!

Looks like it's going to be a busy summer. Playing Pedalsteel and Dobro with the band Rivers&Leafs at a gig in Rimbo. Then I travel north to a gig with my band Favorite Hippies.We're going to play songs from Sidekick Stories and a couple of new ones. Then we have a reunion with Willy Clay Band. We're going to be a part of Rolling Rootsy Revue and share the stage with Doug Seegers , Jason Isbell , Israel Nash among others. Playing solo in Norrtälje and two gigs with Sixpack. See ya!