Sidekick Stories

Releasing the CD Sidekick Stories with my band Favorite Hippies. 3 gigs with the band . Norrtälje, Avesta and Live at Heart in Örebro. Players on this mini tour are Erik Grawsjö on guitar . Zakarias Ahlvik on drums and Matti Kauppi on bass. More solo gigs will come up later this week. Thank's to everyone who pre ordered the CD makes it possible for me to get the band on the road. Peace brother and sisters!

Sixpack gig and country jam

Two gigs with Sixpack Holiday. At Stället in Norrtälje we did an early show and it sounded good. Then we played Norrtälje Blues&Rock festival and we had a good time. Our music really makes people smile. It was nice to meet Stefan Sundström and his band , Mikael Wiehe and of course one of my favourite bands Honey B and the T-bones. Yesterday I played in Östhammar with musicians I never met before.It was fun lot's of 50's Rocknroll and country. I'm glad that I had the time to figure out how to play sevenths on my steel. Favorite Hippies CD is finally ready and I'm really excited to release it.